3 Ways To Avoid Creepy Guys At Bars

Picture this: you’re at your favorite bar with your squad. You just got a drink and are dancing to Cardi B on the dance floor. Brad and his bro Chad hit up you and your bestie without regard and start dancing with you. You aren’t into it, you look at your girl and give each other the same grossed out look, how do you curve?

1. Walk Away

This classic trick will send a clear cut message. Grab your girl by the hand and slide through the crowd like you just heard Blue Moon is on special for $1 for 10 more minutes. Both of you escaping the situation immediately will say “hey guys, not interested.” Then, you blend in with the crowd at the bar for a respectful five minutes and relocate yourself on the dance floor.

2. Play the “I’m here with my GF Card”

This one is fun. Simply turn to the trollers and say “Sorry I’m here with my girlfriend, we aren’t into that.” Most likely they will be scared and GTFO. If that doesn’t work, see tip #1.

3. Yell

This one is last resort for me as I am not the most confrontational person. But if a guy tries to touch you right away, nope. Bye. See ya. Turn around and tell him to head back to the scum of a frat house he came from.

All of these tips are easy, fool-proof ways to get away from the guys at the bar who are just relentless enough to push you over the edge. Stay safe ladies.

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